Summers are filled with plenty of memories that are created while spending quality time outdoors with our loved ones. As the summer comes to an end, you may have noticed an increase in “sunspots” and/or freckles on the sun exposed areas.

At Aura Dermatology, we offer a myriad of treatment options for photorejuvenation. The first and most important step in treatment is to wear sunscreen (at least a SPF 30) daily. Sunscreen is an essential part of your skin routine and we can help you pick the right one that will best fit your skincare’s needs.

In addition, we also offer chemical peels and laser therapies that are proven to help with photorejuvenation. Given the multitude of factors to consider when seeking treatment, such as downtime, skin type, cost and treatment goals, it can be overwhelming to pick the right treatment option for you. Come in and speak to one of our health care providers to better understand the different options and pick the treatment that will allow you to live life in YOUR BEST SKIN!

Learn more about Laster Treatments to improve the appearance of skin.

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